Epic Reads

This one is E!Online for book stalkers. Flashy photos of upcoming books, boredom-smashing quizzes, news about authors...this website spills the best book tea


This one is a Facebook for fellow book nerds. Post what you're reading, rate and review it, and then share it with friends. This platform is great for discovering titles and tracking reading.

Book Riot

This one is a New York Times for the bookish young adults - always diverse, always investigative -- it even posts podcasts. This editorial site never hesitates to tackle tough topics and share what to read next.

Genre List:
Rapid Reads
Novels in Verse
Novels Set Around the Holidays
Romance Novels
LGBTQ+ Novels
LGBTQ+ Nonfiction
Stories of Mental Health
Sports Fanatics
Historical Fiction
Novels by Authors of Color
Dystopian Novels List
Stories of Social Justice
Fantasy Novels
Fairy Tales
Mystery, Thrill, and More
Outdoors and Survival Books
Great Adventures
Unbelievable True Stories
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