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Choosing a Research Web Site

All web sites are not created equal! 

       Check for:


Domain:  .org,  .edu,  .com,  .gov,  .k12,   ~
Is Author an expert?
• Provides name, email, phone, address ?
• Qualifications ?
• Link about the author/ organization/ publisher ? Chk site home page
• Search for author / organization name
• Scholar, advertiser, student ?
• Lists source(s)?
• Accurate info? How does info compare to other web sites, encyclopedias?
• Free of grammar and typing errors?

Student sites

Intro to Holocaust Revisionism


• Purpose: to inform, influence, sell, or entertain?
• Is there biased viewpoint?
• Check links from the page
• Check links to the page

Case Analysis of a Historic Killer Tornado Event

(How) WELL?
•Does it have important facts on your topic?

• Reading level?

U of Wisc Med School

RYT Hospital


• Date created
• Date last updated
• Copyright date
• Dead links?

World Trade Organization 


• Trust your instincts. 
Unsure about the quality of a research site? Then it's probably not a good site to use.



Golden Gate Tunnel inactive site

21cif IMSA Web Evaluation Wizard More sites

Digital Citizenship sites

Digital Footprint video
Photos: Questions before Sharing
Google Yourself
NYC Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Plagiarism sites

Wikipedia and researching

Last modified 16 Aug 2016