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Media Center hours:
Monday - Friday
7:40 am to 3:30 pm
Mrs. Gibbs
Media Specialist
548-0727 ext. 1217
Mrs. Kohrig
Media Center Clerk
548-0727 ext. 1215

Media Center Rules and Policies

  Media Center Passes:

Students may obtain a pass to the Media Center in the following ways: 

 Before and after school :
Students are welcome to use the Media Center as needed. No pass required. 

During study hall :

  1. Ask in the Media Center for an individual pass.
  2. Ask a teacher for an individual pass.
  3. Sign up on the study hall's Media Center pass, if no class is in the Media Center.
At lunch time:
(no food or drink please)

Ask in the Media Center for an individual pass.
Ask a teacher for an individual pass.

Please sign in and sign out of the Media Center, unless you signed the study hall pass.

    Check out Policy:

Students may check out one item, and a second item if the student is nearly done reading the first item. For research, students may check out up to three  items. Borrowing times for locally owned materials :

Books Two weeks
Magazines (back issues),
Pamphlets, Career books
Three days
Reference Books Overnight  (must return before school)
Audio and visual materials Viewed in the Media Center (students don't check out) 

  Overdue Materials Policy:

Please return items by the due date, particularly interlibrary loan items. Other people may be waiting to use them. If additional time is needed, the Media Center staff will renew the item(s). 
If materials are overdue, students may not check out any other materials.Students who receive a weekly overdue reminder are to bring it to the Media Center the same day with the overdue item, or bring the notice to the Media Center the same day to explain the book's whereabouts. Although no fines are charged, materials overdue more than a month are considered lost and the student will be billed.

  Lost and Damaged Materials Policy:

Reported lost items to the Media Center staff.  The student will be charged for the replacement cost of the item. A payment plan can be arranged.  

Any damaged item should be reported to the Media Center staff as soon as possible.  If repairs can be made, there will be no charge.  If the item is permanently damaged, the student will be billed for the replacement cost.

  Computer Rules:

All users must have an Acceptable Use Policy signed and on file in the main office.

  1. Sign in on clipboard. First time users: ask for instructions for log-in and log-out procedures.

  2. Follow all SCHS Technology rules. Any abuse to the computers will result in immediate loss of privilege.

  3. Do not alter configurations. Report any misuse.

  4. Use computers for school work only. Limit printing to class assignments.

  5. When using the Internet, no communication is to be sent out from the school:

    • No chat rooms, bulletin boards, blogs, website creation, sign-ups or personal e-mail permitted
    • Beware of inappropriate sites and do not enter.
    • No internet game sites
    • Never download any software onto the compute
  6. Log out and push in chairs when done.

  Discipline Policy:                            

  1. Be on task. Students may use the Media Center as a place to study, read, use technology, or work quietly in small groups. Voices should only be audible at your own table.
  2. Be respectful of people and of the Media Center materials, furniture and equipment.  Return materials promptly. Keep chairs flat on the floor and push them in.
  3. Follow directions the first time.
  4. Students in the Media Center from study hall must remain until the end of the hour and remain seated until the bell rings.

Students who behave in a respectful, cooperative manner will not be assigned seats.  They may sit with a small group (2-4 friends) and work quietly.  Talking must not be at a level that would disturb others sitting close to you.

Those who do not comply with the above rules will have a verbal warning.  If the behavior does not improve, the student will be assigned a seat, or can lose his/her privilege to use the Media Center during study hall.  For more details, refer to the Discipline Plan posted on the Media Center bulletin board.

Last modified     29 Nov 2010