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Welcome to the Media Center, Freshmen!

For Honors Freshman Post-test


Website A Howling at the Moon

Website B Full Moon can mess with your sleep


Website c Break the spell of a full moon to get better sleep

You're welcome to browse and explore our good books

Try the spinning racks with New Books by the FICTION signs,
or the  Abe Lincoln  books,  on the middle windowsill below Abe's picture,
or Read for a Lifetime  books on the short bookcase next to the "Lincolns".

My book choice is:


Top SCHS Checkouts 2017: Have you read them?
The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes Stolen by Lucy Christopher All the Bright Places by
Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Fake ID by Lamar Giles

Graphic novel:
Attack On Tita vol 1


New book rack  


Introduction: Facts for Freshmen       Map     ABC's of a good web site

"Library in your Pocket" apps: Tech office provideD ipad shortcuts:
 3M to Cloud Library transition   Open Ebooks app   MackinVia ebooks app GAle Access My Library app I-nigma QR scan app        SCHS Media Center Website Library Catalog link Noodletools icon
  Cloud Library e-books Open Ebooks     Mackin VIA Gale AccessMyLibrary I-nigma  


Media Center  Website SHARE Library Catalog Noodletools
  Fiction e-books, integrated with SHARE catalog Read for fun, mostly fiction,no wait lists, ask for passcode Information e-books Reference e-books and Databases to download QR codes - Quick access to SHARE at the bookshelves         Quick shortcut to Media Center resources Discover and request materials from SCHS & 500 libraries  Works Cited pages, notecards and outlines

More handy apps:

Teen Book Finder YALSA Teen Book Finder
like to read Mystery, or Horror books, or Romance?
look at genre lists here
MinikeePassMiniKeePass appto save passwords NearpodNearpod app      Kindle reader app

Overdrive app

for Sync (free summer eaudio books)


SHARE logo SHARE is the online library catalog for SCHS and more than 500 libraries in IL Heartland Library System

IL Heartland Library System Map

Set User Name and Password in SHARE
Set up Email, TXT messages, and Reading list
Searching for SCHS materials
Request an interlibrary loan
How to View and reset your Reading History in SHARE

Set User Name and Password
Create a user name to use instead of your account barcode number when you log in.
1.  On the My Account menu, click My Record.
2. Don't type in the boxes. Instead, click
 Create Username, between the boxes.
3. Type library barcode number, no spaces. Type the default password : 1234. Click Next Step.
4.Find Change Logon. Check the box for Change Username.
5. Type your user name for the SCHS computers in the New Username box and again in the Verify Username box. If your username is already in use, type your full student email address, 7+3+grad
6. Click in the check box for Change Password.
7. Type the default password 1234 in the Old Password box, then type your regular computer password in the New Password box and again in the Verification box.
8. Click 
Save. The screen "jumps up."

9. Scroll down past address information.
10. Under Contact Information, enter your school email address ( Click on Submit Changes. A red message means you are done with required information and may log out.
Optional information below to set up text messaging or home email.

 Set up Email, Text Messages, & Reading List
Enter email address and phone number for TXT messages
1. On the My Account  menu click My Record  and log in.
2. Click
 Contact Information and Preferences on the My Record page.

3. Scroll past address information.
4. Under
Contact Information, enter your school email address.
5. Click on
Submit Changes. A red message means all is well.

6. Optional: If you would like to receive a copy of email at home email address too, enter home email as the alternate email address.
7. Optional: If you would like to receive text messages when book requests arrive, for reminders, or for overdue notices, enter 1) the cell phone number, 2) select the carrier, and 3) click on
Send TXT to this number.
Texting charges are the rate charged by your carrier.

Start a Reading History    (Different than the Saved List of books to read)
The reading history lists the items checked out since the reading history began. .
8.Optional :If you wish to keep a reading history: under Preferences, select (check) Maintain reading list and agree to the privacy message.
The reading history begins with the next item checked out, but the item may not appear in the reading history list until the next day. You may remove individual items from the reading history, or stop the history, clear it from your library account, and start a new reading history at any time

9. Click Submit Change Request. A red message indicates a sucessful change.


To set up Cloud Library app




book fountain

Search challenge:

In what city is this fountain located?

Search challenge:

In what city is this located?


Last modified 14 Nov 2017