The Salem Invitational tournament has been a tradition for many years. The first year the tournament was hosted by Salem Community High School was 1952, and the first ever tournament winner was Centralia. The first year Salem won the tournament was 1966.

Teams Place Scores
East St. Louis 1st Salem:80-57 TF North:51-40 Mt. Vernon:49-44
Mt. Vernon 2nd Champaign:51-41 Carbondale:50-40 ESL:44-49
TF North 3rd Effingham: ESL:40-51 Carbondale:46-44
Carbondale 4th Madison:57-56 MTV:50-40 TFN:44-46
Champaign Central 5th MTV: 41-51 Madison:49-38 Effingham:59-55
Effinham 6th TFN:50-61 Salem:48-47 Champaign:
Salem 7th ESL: 57-80 Effingham:47-48 Madison:53-44
Madison 8th Effingham:56-57 Champaign:48-49 Salem:44-53